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It’s Not Just a Will – it’s Your Will
Your wants and wishes, your will, takes on a new level of importance when you die or are incapacitated. Of course no one likes to think of these things, but it’s harder yet to think of your loved ones being subjected to the wishes of a cold, unattached court should you have failed to prepare the appropriate documents covering all aspects of handling your estate once you’re gone.

Estate Planning Protects Your Legacy
Often times, people stop at merely having a will prepared. The exceptionally qualified attorneys at Semro, Henry & Spinazze will show you that there is so much more to estate planning than you know. Instructions need to be crafted for a myriad of items such as how to handle your care should you suffer a disability and aren’t able to work, or even communicate.

The care of minor children and guardianship over trusts and other inheritance needs to be spelled out. Insurance coverage for disability, life, and long-term care is essential in an estate plan. An estate plan attorney will also ensure that your records are organized and easily accessible when they are needed, and will also appropriately designate beneficiaries helping avoid unnecessary probate proceedings and minimizing costs.

Estate Planning and Asset Protection
A proper estate plan can offer high levels of asset protection. Lawsuits, divorce and bankruptcy derails a well thought out estate plan that failed to consider asset protection. Putting together an estate plan through SHS covers intricate details of properly positioning your estate to offer the most protection to you and your family while ensuring your wishes are carried out to the fullest.

Court vs. Family
The last thing you want is for the State to make decisions regarding the care of your family, your property and assets, the fate of your business, and who receives what and when, after your death.Toledo estate planning attorneys Tim, Michael, and Dominic all understand how uncomfortable it might be to think about your will or death. But they know that with proper estate planning, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that when the time comes, your loved ones will be equipped to pick up where you left off, and following your wishes, will see to it that your legacy continues.

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