Asset Protection

You need an asset protection attorney with experience, and who can provide not only legal asset planning services but also trusted guidance for your future. You need SHS.

Lawsuits Happen to the Best of Us 
Protecting your assets, whether personal or business, requires intricate knowledge of the law and a discerning perspective in order to serve your best interests.

The attorneys of Semro Henry &Spinazze have been devising solid asset protection plans for families and businesses for more than 15 years.

This experience has given us further insight into crafting plans to protect your assets before a claim is ever made. In doing so, you stand a much better chance in keeping your assets in tact should you find yourself involved in court proceedings.

Asset Protection isn’t a Quick Fix
Get in touch sooner rather than later. The time to get an asset protection plan in place isn’t after a claim has been filed. You must have this plan in place long before a lawsuit for the plan to be effective.

Asset protection is a pro-active long-term plan, covering many layers, and is never successful as a reactive method.

At SHS, we will use strategies within your financial plans and estate plan to ensure you the most comprehensive safety net. Our asset protection attorneys advise that you begin planning for your future as soon as possible.

You’re Not Alone
Of course, we will not only draft a personalized asset protection plan for you, but we will make changes and modifications as your asset picture shifts, and we will represent you in court should a claim ever come to light.

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