No one likes to think about what happens when they or a loved one dies, but by not planning ahead you may subject your family to extra expenses and fights with probate court and fellow family members. Estate planning provides several tools that we, SHB, can provide to aid during these hard times. Call or email to schedule a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys.


Probate is the process of distributing a deceased loved one’s belongings after they die with or without a will. It is a complicated process which requires court hearings, financial recordings, and many difficult decisions. The attorneys at SHB are devoted to helping you through this difficult time and process. Our vast experience with courts in Ohio and Michigan along with the snow bird states, provide us with the necessary skills to guide you to the best possible solutions.


The Probate process is made significantly simpler when a person has a will. A will gives a person the ability to determine who their belongings will be divided when they die rather than letting the state make those decisions. Wills often can prevent many family fights, additional court hearings, and unnecessary costs. SHB lawyers’ knowledge of the probate process and wills allows us to draft wills which can make you feel confident that your assets will be distributed as you desire.


Having a trust is the one of the best Estate Planning moves a person can make. Trusts can prevent a loved one’s assets from going through probate, provide Asset Protection from creditors, and provide numerous tax benefits. Selecting the proper form of trust and drafting these complex documents require the skill that only an experienced attorney possess.
The SHB attorneys have extensive experience with all forms of trusts. They can help you select and draft the trust which will best suit your circumstances. They frequently draft revocable living trusts (inter vivos trusts), domestic Asset Protection trusts, including the Ohio Legacy Trust, irrevocable life insurance trusts, special needs trusts, Medicaid trusts and specialty trusts such as gun trusts.


Guardianship is a legal process that selects a person (the guardian) to care for property or person of a minor or incompetent adult. Selection of an individual to be the guardian takes careful thought and consideration, and giving that person control over the minor or incompetent adult requires knowledge of the probate system and laws. SHB has a devoted team of lawyers to guide you through this difficult process and make sure that the needs of the minor or incompetent adult are met with the guardianship.

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