Jonathan W. Brown – DUI / OVI Defense Attorney Toledo Ohio

Being pulled over under suspicion of driving impaired is a harrowing experience; getting arrested for charges of OVI, DUI, or OMVI is something no one ever intends.

Ohio’s drunk driving laws are complicated. Navigating the varying levels of offenses with their accompanying courts processes and penalties will require aggressive DUI representation.

During this difficult time it’s important to have complete faith in your legal team, knowing that they truly have your best interests at heart. Know that you can count on the DUI expertise of Jonathan W. Brown at SHB.

Getting charged with an OVI, DUI, or OMVI isn’t commonplace for you and we don’t handle the case as though it’s commonplace for us, either. Jonathan W. Brown is widely known and highly regarded as an Expert DUI attorney in Toledo Ohio area. He will review, investigate, and refute, as necessary, any evidence in the case. We are thorough yet discreet. Our experience with Ohio drunk driving law allows us to vigorously represent you so this unpleasant situation can be remedied and put behind you as quickly as possible.

Jonathan W. Brown routinely handles OVI, DUI, and OMVI cases in Toledo Municipal Court, Bowing Green Municipal Court, Sylvania Municipal Court, Perrysburg Municipal Court, Maumee Municipal Court, Ottawa County Municipal Court and Oregon Municipal Court.

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