Why Choose Semro Henry & Barga?

This is about you; your money, your family, your future.
Inherent survival instincts drive each one of us to make choices to protect ourselves.

We worry about finances and making sure that we can provide for our family now and once we’re gone. We worry about our reputation and how that will impact our abilities as provider, caregiver, employee, or parent. It is instinctually natural to want to protect all that we’ve worked hard for; tangible and intangible.

 At Semro Henry & Barga we have families, reputations, and concerns about our financial futures just like you. We understand what’s at stake. That awareness is at the forefront of our minds as we get to know each person we help. Because the reality is, if your attorney doesn’t genuinely care about your future, then you risk your future altogether.

Have a conversation with SHB. Let us know how we can help you with estate planning, asset protection, business planning, or other legal matters, and begin solidifying your future today.